mio10 with 2 setups - MPC 1000 & MBP (Ableton + Push 2)

edited November 2022 in MIDI
hey y'all,

I could use some help - i'm admittedly not very good with more complex midi routing. 
this is my first MIDI patch bay. What I am trying to do is attach my synths and drum machines to the mio10, and be able to sequence them using the MPC 1000 OR Ableton w/ Push 2. I'm able to use it well with Push 2 so far. I'm confused about how to connect the MPC to the mio10 and i still cannot wrap my around routing on the Auracle app. Finally, how to actually go back and forth between using the MPC or Push? 

Any help is appreciated! I'm working with the following gear:

drum machines: Machinedrum, Roland TR-626
synths: Prophet 6, Casio CZ-101, Roland SH-101, Emu Vintage Keys, TB x0x bassline (303 clone)

all running into an Allen & Heath 16 ch mixer into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 1st gen interface


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