Virtual audio paths

Hello. Is there a way to use Audio4c interface as a virtual audio cable device (similar to blackhole/vb-cable/loopback)? I have a standalone synth software that should be routed to my DAW. Blackhole solution is unstable on my mac (audio drops, cracks and stops). Would it be possible to select USB D1 Out 1-2 as output in my virtual synth and select the same USB D1 1-2 as input in my DAW? I've checked the manual but not sure about the routing options.. Could work with the streaming mode but is limited to 1-2 (cannot connect another standalone app). I've tested a USB physical "loop" as well with USB port 1 and 2 from/into my mac but without success. Or maybe the only way is to connect analog out with analog in (Audio4c) with a physical audio cable then route USB D1 Out 1-2 to analog out looping back to analog In the USB D1 IN ? Any idea? Thanks, Mat


  • If you use STREAM mode in Auracle X on your AUDIO4c you can use the USB mixer to to take the 1/2 outputs from your synth to the 1/2 inputs in your DAW.
    Just need to make sure the level is added in the USB mixer.

    If you use iConfig you can alaos do it but use any outputs to go to any inputs on the same computer, as needed.
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