Anyone using the GOOROO controllers LIOBOX with a Playaudio 12 and MIOXM

I really like the look of the LIOBOX but I'm curious exactly how it works with ableton.
If i have one LIOBOX plugged into a host port on my MIOXM, a sound module receiving PC on channel 16 on another host port, then the MIOXM connected to the PA12 via a single RTP session, will this cause any issues for the LIOBOX communicating with live?

Does anyone have any advice how to set up 2 LIOBOX's in a master/slave type configuration?


  • liobox actually has video about how to set this up with it connected directly to the PA12. You have an extra step but it's basically the same. The only difference is, instead of using HST1 for the PlayAUDIO12 you will select the port RTP1 (or whatever RTP port you connected) in your setup for the connection.
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