Want to try mioXL to fix Doepfer LMK2 Issues

Hi forum.
I bought an mio10 several years back thinking I could assign port names to the MIDI interfaces - but that feature only worked in IOS, not Windows, so I have literally never used it.  My bad, I should have researched more.

I have recently designed and built a dual 88-key controller from 2 caseless Doepfer LMK2's (Fatar TP40GH Keybeds)  but there are some technical issues.  1) All DAWS/software (Bidule) keep swapping the order of the 2 keybeds, presumably because they have the same USBID; 2) Neither LMK2 works plugged directly into the computer, only if plugged into a USB hub (using 3.0) and only 1 hub so  far, otherwise they enumerate as a generic USB device or audio device and do not work.  I have tried this with multiple computers and hubs; 3) About 50% of the time I have to enable/disable to get the device working properly in Device manager.

My question is does the Auracle control software now allow port naming under Windows (11)?  I have a feeling that the mioXL would certainly solve the swapping issue (1) and could solve issue (2) and maybe even (3).  I am also hooking up several other MIDI controllers (A88MK2, Kontrol 88 and 61, Keystation 88, Montage, Kronos, Maschine) so this would be pretty amazing if it works for me.
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