mioXL - multiple same exact USB MIDI controllers

Hi all.  I got the mioXL to solve some technical issues.  I just designed and built a dual-keybed controller based on 2 Doepfer LMK2 caseless 88-keybeds (Fatar TP40GH).  The USB2.0 interfaces on these are problematic, they would only work through specific USB3.0 hubs and even then I would have to disable/reenable to get them working properly in Windows (11).  It was as if the PC was not giving the USB enough time to enumerate properly. 

The mioXL has fixed that issue completely.  But I find it a bit odd that the HST ports are not numbered - HST1 seems to be the first port plugged into, HST2 the second.  My setup is static - never moves - so this is not a huge deal.  I do notice that the 2 Doepfers have identical names, there is not a (1) or (2) added to the second one.

iConnectivity products are brilliant.  I would prefer to plug a specific keyboard into a specific USB HST port.  Am I missing something?  I have not really fiddled around with anything else other than a Roland A88MKII, I have many other controllers (Montage 8, Kronos-88, Keystation 88, 2 Kontrols but I see these don't work with mioXL (their setup software, no doubt).

I have tried cycling power and everything stays exactly as it was (presumable stored to Flash) and that is exactly what I need.

I will be using this in Cubase, FL Studio, and Cantabile DAWs
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