Trying to find the best way a drummer can trigger playback

I have playaudio12 & using Ableton live for multitrack playback . I was wondering what is the best scenario for a drummer to trigger a full show ? is it an iPad? some other midi device?Something that has a visual of all the songs?
I am a noob when it comes to this so any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you in advance for anyone responding :)


  • It's preference on the drummer.
    I've see 4 common options.
    - iPad (AbleSet/TouchOSC/etc)
    - Drum Pad controller (SPDSX, BopPad, etc..)
    - Foot pedal ( Disaster area, Looptimus, etc..)
    - MIDI controller ( LaunchPad, Akai APC40,etc..)

    In any situation I would connect this to a mioXM/mioXL then run an ethernet cable offstage to the PA12 to talk with computers off stage.
    Here's a common setup - 
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