Route 2 ports of the same device together

Hello iconnectiviters! MioXM is at the very heart of my setup since 2020 and am very happy with it…
But I have a little issue : I want to connect 2 keyboards (each has it own midi channel set) via a small M-audio midisport 2X2 interface connected to usb host port (to spare some DIN ports). The midisport inferface is recognised, and midi is correctly routed and transmitted to all other devices. Both also receive midi from other devices, accordingly to the routing in Auracle.

But, I want to transmit midi from one to the other and vice versa (PCs, CCs, Notes…). The midisport has a merge function, but it cuts the USB/interface capabilities out.

2 ports of the midisport are available in Auracle (in host reservation page). I assigned assign them to 2 different (virtual) host ports (even though only one USB is plugged) and route them to each other, but it didn't work. 

As suggested by a user in a facebook group, I tried to route the 2 HST in AUM app routing matrix on iPad (connected to DAW port), and indeed, it worked as expected! But this workaround needs the iPad connected and AUM running. 

I with I could figure it out directly in Auracle, and thus in MioXM standalone. 

Any help would be appreciated! 
PS : I just opened a support ticket, but saw that iconnectivity people are pretty reactive and helpful here on the forum, so I doubled my chances to reach out! ;)
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