iConnectmidi ICM-0101 signal issue

I've been using this successfully for years to run midi into Ableton. In this last week I am for the first time trying to control external instruments, and this fails, with 3 different instruments which can be activated by a good midi DIN signal, all not working, with the same signal and cable which succeeds in routing the midi to Ableton. Presumably the signal strength is low or something. Is there a workaround?


  • If there is no workaround and I must buy a different device, I got this model specifically because it will input the slightly dufferent sugnal from a Yamaha keyboard with square USB A out, and output it like other midi signals and I read newer models wouldn't. Will mioXM do that now? I see on the back it has separate DIN ins and outs marked 1-4, do all Ins mix for output? Are these 4 outputs just passthroughs, or do they output mixed midi stream of all inputs? Thx
  • Further investigation shows that there is something weird about my iConnectMidi ICM-0101 output; it consistently works well through 18i8 DIN In port, but same cable and out do NOT WORK to external instruments UNLESS they have previously been connected to a strong midi DIN In signal, in my case using Yamaha PSR-510.

    In other words, hard as it is for me to believe, if I turn on any of my 3 synths involved, say Mutable I. Yarns, and plug the same cord that works inputting to 18i8 in, there is no response. If I unplug from Yarns and instead plug in DIN out from Yamaha, Yarns works; if I then reconnect DIN from iConnect - it now works! Same behaviors, consistent and repeatable, with Ziqal Dimension and Doepfer A-190-2. Crazy. But, iConnect input TO Yamaha DIN In doesn't work, even after it's been 1st primed with good DIN In from another keyboard! 

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