Help needed...Mio4 and Studio One

Hi folks...

I'm just getting back to recording after a long, long gap. To give you an idea, I was using an E-Mu 1820m PCI card...

I've now got a MIO4, which I'm using with Studio One Artist (free with my Presonus 1824). I only ever used one keyboard at a time, but now I've got a few (Axon guitar midi, Alesis USB drum trigger i/0) so I bought the Mio4 for extra inputs...all standard DIN input

I'm not sure I've got my Mio4 Auracle routing correct, as I 1) can't get midi data to register when I play a keyboard and 2) when I open an instrument/midi track on Studio One, the input only shows as Mio4, not Mio4 1, Mio4 2, etc

For Studio one users, what is the correct way of ensuring Studio One sees all 4 MIDI DIN inputs?

Thanks to all for the chance to post here

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