new mioXM bad DIN signals

iConnect and Perfectcircuit indicated mioXM should work though I have problems with iConnectMIDI ICM-0101, I bought a new mioXM from Perfectcircuit which arrived yesterday. I installed unified USB driver 5.50 from iConnect website, downloaded and installed Auracle and installed its driver, rebooted Win11 desktop.

mioM lights as expected and when Yamahea PSR- E422 is connected via usb or Yamaha PSR-510 DIN are connected, appropriate lights light. When mioXM is plugged into Windows, the connecting-device charm from the desktop sounds.

However, Auracle does not detect the mioXM. Using the front panel DINs, if Yamaha PSR-510 out is plugged in mioXM DIN with Yamaha-E422 plugged in USB in the rear mioXM, playing notes on 510 should play E422 but there is no response. Keeping this setup, if front mioXM DIN out goes to DIN in on Doepfer A-190-2 there is no response; plugged into Mutable Instruments Yarns has no response [direct input of 510 out to the last 2 ins works fine so there is not proper mioXM passthrough]; BUT plugged into Focusrite 18i8, that detects and transmits a signal, so there is a defective signal which sometimes works. This is similar to but even worse than the behavior of ICM-0101 I bought this to replace. I stress that passthrough fails using nothing but the midi instruments and mioXM, without computer or Focusrite connection.

While it appears the device doesn't work properly, it works somewhat so presumably works as designed, I think this is how they build rather than a flaw in this particular unit. It appears I'll need to return mioXM, but - let me know if there's anything else I should do/try. I started a ticket on iConnect but it is weekend, will wait to hear from them, and also try to phone Perfectcircui before starting any return.

I looked at Perfectcircuit's other midi interfaces but see none that accept both DIN and USB midi, let me know of anything to try with mioXM  other alternatives to iConnect?



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    Maybe my previous post was too complicated, here's an attempt to simplify,

    I have a Yamaha PSR-510 Keyboard with a good DIN out in that everything I've connected it to reads a signal. If this is connected to mioXM in and then DIN out of mioMX is tested on 4 devices with DIN in all of which work with PSR-510 direct signal with no other connections made to mioMX, ie this is simple midi passthrough, only 1 of the 4 devices detects any midi signal.

    All are major brands: Yamaha [2nd device], Doepfer which explicitly says sat least some of its devices therefore presumably all are built to midi standard, Mutable Instruments, and focusrite. All accept direct PSR-510 signal, only Focusrite accepts mioXM pass-through.

    Since my older iConnect has the same behavior - which is why I bought the mioMX - this seems to be an iConnect general issue.

  • By default the mioXM has routing that goes to a from the computer (USB and/or ethernet). 
    If you want to route data from one DIN port to the other you will need to use Auracle X to create that MIDI routing.
    In the Auracle X software select the MIDI Routing page.
    Select the DIN port the PSR-510 is connected to in the left column.
    The right column should show all the possible ports to route to. Select(blue) the other DIN ports under the DIN category to route MIDI data to those ports.
    Once complete go to the Presets page and save this routing setup as a preset.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    My Windows 11 desktop Auracle install, latest version from site, cannot detect mioMX.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Auracle and the drivers and using alternate usb slots. So no rerouting through Auracle is possible. since it just says nothing is connected.

    However, it is not correct that all mioXM DIN outputs are inactive by default until reconfigured - its front DIN out successfully sends midi signals to Focusrite 18i8 2nd Gen. The same signal fails with DIN in to devices by Doepfer, Mutable Instruments, Ziqal, and 2 Yamaha. All these devices have been tested with and do accept midi DIN in from Yamaha and M-Audio keyboards. [All DIN outs in back of mioXM also send no readable midi signal to the devices listed but I didn't check them w 18i8]. 
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