Looking for clarity regarding MIDI over Ethernet (MioXM/PA12)

I built a fairly simple live keys rig for an artist, based around the MioXM and PlayAudio12. The keys (StudioLogic SL73) live in a keyboard blind with the MioXM, which receives the keys’ MIDI via DIN1, then ethernet feeds through a 75ft loom that goes off-stage to a PA12 which is responsible for a Mainstage session with all of the sounds. I was under the impression there was an interface on the opposite side of the stage which was also Ethernet MIDI-capable. This was never the case. The only MIDI sent across the stage comes from a MOTU via DIN.  My question… obviously, MIDI can flow both ways via ethernet in general. But unless I’m mistaken, it’s uni-directional in my case. Is this correct? I’d like to send program changes to the keyboard so the player doesn’t need to cycle through the programs on the keys anymore. What additional hardware could accomplish this simply? Even if the changes just come from a pad I control off-stage, it would be ok. Thanks in advance


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