Keylab 61 and Minilogue XD both show 2 ports in USB Port Reservation list on MioXL

I have two devices that take up 2 slots in the USB Port Reservation list showing Port 1 and Port 2 for each device. I only need/want 1 each. I don't have the ability to use all 10 slots in the list. I'm losing 2 needed slots. Is there any way to block/turn off the second port on these devices. I've search the internet for answers on this for the Mio and the devices. Looking for a fix. Thanks


  • After playing with this a bit more I discovered that the secondary ports are ignored. I added 2 more devices and now 12 items are in the list and the new items are working. I spent a lot of time looking for answers. Maybe I missed this somewhere, but an additional note in the manual would have saved me many hours of research and frustration.

    Other than the learning curve, a great product. 

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