2 Playaudio 12 and redundancy.

Hello, I have 20 outputs because I am using 2 playaudio12 units.
Will the redundancy still work ?
I have developed an aggregate device on mac that combines the two playaudio12. Thus, I have 20 audio outputs. The audio output source for Ableton uses this aggregate device. However, when I open the same Ableton session on a second machine, the aggregate device is not shown. Due to the fact that both playaudio12 are connected to laptop 1.
Please Help !


  • You connect USB port 1 from both PA12s to the A computer and both USb 2 ports from the PA12s to the B computer.
    Create an aggregate on both. I would start the aggregate with only one plugged in and then connect the second PA12, so you have the same first PA12 on each.
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