Mainstage keyboard rig with redundancy and hardware synths?

Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but I've been looking to setup a redundant keyboard rig with 2 mainstage computers. The playaudio1u seems perfect for this, however: I also want to use some hardware synths that outputs into mainstage aswell (I need inputs in the audio interface, that goes to both mainstage computers, and then I can mix software synths with hardware). Since the playaudio1u doesn't have any audio-inputs, how would I achieve this? I hope someone understand what I'm trying to convey here lol.


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    Just a quick edit, but I guess you could connect a playaudio1u, and then also connect a audio4c to both computers, and then route the inputs from that to both computers? Would be nice if someone could confirm this or if I’m completely lost haha. If there’s an iconnectivity interface that does this single-handedly it would be great
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