Audio2+ controlling my pedalboard while playing backing tracks

edited November 5 in MIDI
Hi all,
I'm using Audio2+ as my audio interface for backing tracks (I need 3 separate outputs (2 for stereo sound, 1 for the clic)). I use and iPad connected to USB 2 on the back (I use Stage Traxx 3 App). This works well!

With this App, I can also send MIDI commands and I'd like to be able to send commands to my pedalboard, to change presets, with a DIN cable from Audio2+. It's really a basic connection, with only one pedalboard.
I'm not sure it can work, I read that you can't send MIDI command through USB, is that correct? And if so, I read also that it could work with a USB port?
If it's possible, than I probably do something wrong with the rooting, filters or other settings.

Thanks for your help!

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