Different RTP devices connected through a router

Hi, I'm using mioXM on stage, installed next to the drummer. My computer and the iC device are connected through a router. However, there is one device on stage (a guitar pedal) that is far away from the router when we play on a big stage. This is why I'm thinking about buying a simple and small RTP-midi interface, which I can install on the guitarist's pedalboard. Not many devices I found on the market. One of them is the Doremidi RTP-midi interface. Would it work to connect this interface to the router with an ethernet cable? Am I right that this way the pedal will join the network and it would work as if it was connected to one of mioXM's midi ports? 
Also, would it be possible to connect the Doremi device to a local network extender, and change the router to a wifi router so they can communicate wirelessly?
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