How to set up audio routing for iConnectMidi4+ in Auracle?

I want to route midi from my keyboard to my iPad and audio from my iPad to my Mac.
Routing MIDI works. And I see the audio input on the Mac and guess the iPad has detected the USB audio device (because it has muted the internal speakers) but I receive no audio signal on the Mac.
Thing is, I see no way to affect the audio routing in Auracle. There is a tab for audio but I can only set the bitrate there.
Is audio supposed to be set up from all ports to all ports by default - or is there a way to configure the routing?
I have connected the Mac on the backside client port 3 (USB-B to USB-A) and the iPad on the front side client port 1 (also tried 2) (USB-B to USB-C).
Any ideas?


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    Edit: Also tried to connect the Mac to port 1 and the iPad to port 2 (so both frontside ports) and vice versa - same result (the iConnectMidi4+ is shown as audio device on Mac but I hear no audio).
    Edit2: Hostet the sound producing app (Pianoteq 8) in Audiobus now and explicitly selected iConnectMidi4+ as output - so according to the iPad audio goes out in the right direction. (I also see gain meter signals on iPad side, so Pianoteq is producing sound - that just doesn't reach the Mac).
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