MioXL AMP (Advanced MIDI Processor) experiences & Sysex definition?

anybody out there who uses and has experiences with the AMP feature of MioXL? This feature looks like the MioXL could support complex features like the old but powerful Miditemp PMM/MP devices.
I think I understand that feature a bit and try to configure it with sysex commands as described in the (hopefully most recent) sysex documentation Common+System+Exclusive+Commands+TNG.pdf (Rev. 1b15).

For now I struggle with setting an algorithm to a port so I can't  test operator settings.
The sysex document says that an AMP algorithm can be assigned to an output port by MIDIPortInfo Parameter 0x13 given on Byte with the AlgId. But the MioXL response to a request of this parameter (0x13) returns  10 bytes, looking like there are 4 SubIds with a value (SubId 0x02n with 3 values)

The use case I try is quite simple but maybe common: route Input Events from a DIN port of a specific midi channel to two different channels of an output port, which seems not to be possible by Auracle configuration or the RemapChannelOut sysex Parameter, (output remap can only map to ONE output channel). AMP looks like it could do it.

Any idea?
MioXL, Audio4+, Midi4+
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