RTP MidI DAWless

I have 2 MIO XL's connected via RTP using a MAC. When routed and using Ableton as the controller everything works as advertised.

My Question is how do you make a connection without using the  DAW. 

For example, A sequencer is on MIO XL (ADO1),  USB HST1/ RTP 13  and a Synth is  on MIO XL (05E2), HST 3/RTP 15. Sequencer it TX ch 5 and the Synth is RX ch 5.  The MACs MIDI RTP Network is showing connection to both and Auricle RTP also shows connections. Just  not sure how to get the connection over the network between the two MIO XL’s when working DAWless. 

 Would appreciate any help.



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