mioXLports are not showing up on MPC ONE+

HI - I have just bought an MPC ONE+ and I connected my its USB A port to the mioXL DAW port. Nothing happened. According to what I have read the 16 available ports should show up but they don't. I have tested the cable with other midi gear like a keyboard and a synth and they show up immediately. When I connect the mioXL to my computer it works as expected.
Does anyone know if the two are incompatible? I have the newest firmware on both.


  • What firmware is on the MPC ONE+ you have. I know at first it wasn't possible to host our interfaces but after firmware 2.X.X it became possible and then eventually audio was enabled as well.
    i have not heard any testing on the MPC ONE+ but I know the FORCE and the original ONE work.
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