mioXL not liking Arturia KeyLab88 Mk2 over RTP with HOST 1+2

Hello...I'm having major issues getting my Arturia KeyLab88 Mk2 to function 100% when I connect it to one of mioXL's USB HOST ports when the mioXL is connected to my Mac via RTP. 

I have other pieces of older MIDI gear working great over mioXL's RTP when they are hooked up via the mioXL's DINs, and so I've even tried connecting the KeyLab into the mioXL via DINs instead of a USB HOST, but not matter what I do I cannot get the KeyLab to fully function.

The KeyLab itself has 2 ports so I've gone through the USB Host Reservation process as required (in this case moXL's HST1 and HST2). From there I've used Auracle's MIDI routing page to route HST1 and HST2 outs to the proper network RTP (in this case RTP13), and I've then routed RTP13's out to HST1 and HST2 ins. Is that it?

Weirdly enough, with this current setup I can play notes from the KeyLab into whichever DAW I'm using, but I don't have any of the KeyLab's controller functions, and the KeyLab doesn't show up in Arturia's MIDI Control Center. As soon as I reconnect the KeyLab directly to my Mac via USB then it starts working 100% again and it also shows back up in Arturia's MIDI Control Center. The MIDI Control Center auto-detects Arturia hardware and I haven't been able to find a way to make it "see" incoming MIDI from RTP connections. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!


  • I forgot to mention that I also have an Akai APC64 hooked up via one of mioXL's USB ports (the APC64 has four ports to reserve in Auracle) using the same Auracle MIDI routing of HST3/4/5/6 being sent to RTP14 and then RTP14 back to HST3/4/5/6 and it seems to work fine over RTP.

    I've come across occasional mioXL comments about people saying the mioXL's RTP is unstable when using the USB HOST ports, however the APC64 seems fine. So I'm thinking there's some sort of trouble with things on Arturia's end with how their MIDI Control Center is perhaps forming some sort of barrier between the KeyLab and the rest of my system? I've also reached out to Arturia so hopefully there's a simple solution to all of this somewhere.

    Ideally all of my MIDI devices will work via mioXL's ethernet. I also have a big guitar pedalboard that I'm still trying make happy but that's for another thread once I get the KeyLab issues sorted out.  :smile:

    Thanks again!
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    This is a known thing, specific to Arturia. Midi notes and CC stuff will work just fine over RTP, but there must be something specific w/ the info going back and forth for their software to work properly that can't be done over RTP. I have the setup you're describing and sorta found this reality out on my own. Frustrating when I wish I could use it away from my PC, but near my DAW computer 98% of the time, so I just use the USB for controlling the Analog Lab stuff, and then use the KeyLab's DIN in/out w/ my mioXL to send notes throughout the rest of my network. That all seems to work great, and it serves as the hub of my studio.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for the info! Good to know where the problems are coming from. Assuming Arturia tech support gets back to me in the near future, I can rule out the mioXL (or the way I’ve got the mioXL setup) being the issue and not waste any more time or brain trying to fix what isn’t broke. I’ll update this thread if/when Arturia gets back with me on this. Thanks again!  :-)
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