renaming MIDI IN apply the same name to MIDI OUT ? really ?

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just turned on my brand new mioXL and updated the latest firmware, then started to rename the ports for midi routing, but when I rename a midi input, it automatically renames the correspondent midi output. which makes no sense. the point in having a midi patchbay like this is that you have more complex midi setups, so not all midi in will go to the same hardware unit on that midi out port. am I missing something ? there's any way to change this behavior ? if not, I will have to avoid renaming midi ports in general, because it will be more confusing than using the midi port numbers alone. so this renaming functionality will be useless. thanks


  • Unfortunately computers don't accept a separate in port and out port name on a USB connection. If you have different input and output names over USB connection it will ignore both names and just call it port 1
  • Are you sure that there's no workaround possible for the guys who make the software ? It's a fictional name, not necessarily the name on the code. Unless you are really a coder, it's hard for me to believe it. I practically moved from a 20+ year old motu midi timepiece to get this type of convenience. And apart from the simple fact that it can connect to a newer computer, I've seen no big upgrades on the everyday midi setup use yet. Maybe I can change my mind on the way. But I can't help but think how digital music hardware can make all types of complex shit you will barely use, and miss the most basic stuff that would actually help the everyday routine. Thanks for the reply, anyway.
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