Help needed! Can you connect/daisy chain Mio10 to MioXL for routing standalone?

hopefully someone can help me with this.
I own a MioXL whereby all midi DIN connections and most of the USB connections are already in use. Only the RTP and 1 or 2 usb ports are available for making connections. Therefor I bought an extra Mio10 thinking I would be able to use it as a sort of expansion for the MioXL. But here is where I need advise :P ... how should I do this best?... and is this even possible?
Important for me is that I want to be able to use this 2x interface setup also as standalone (without the computer)  ofcourse its totally fine to have to use a computer for setup. but I have no idea how to do this.
Simply said... I want to be able to rout midi coming into the Mio10 to some of my synths connected to the MioXL.
Should I use RTP midi for this (can both mio's "talk" to eachother via ethernet cable?) or is there a way to use USB to get the same result?
What would you guys suggest. thanks in advance.


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    Found the solution in doing this over RTP midi. from one device to the other without computer interfering. I see a lot of similar questions on this forum so i made a simple overvue from what I did so far. Maybe it can help someone solving some of their problems.

    I started out trying the default RTP name for the Mio10:
    as it has only got 4.... on the mio10
    to connect with the first 4 RTP connection slots of my MioXl by entering these same RTP names... this simply worked.

    After that I renamed the RTP names to make my setup more obvious for myself... and expecting this to break the connection ...  but oddly it kept working. (so this can look confusing on the chart). As most probably can tell... im no expert on RTP connections :)... but did some midi testing and seems to work out wel.

    edit (sorry for the low quality image: uploading larger was nor possible?)
    here the connection written out:
    example: MIDI DEVICE > DIN1 (device A)   >  RTP port 1 of device A    ... picked up at RTP port 1 of device B > to destination

  • The port names are different from the RTP port Bonjour Names.
    To connect you have one in Initiator and the other in Responder. copy the Bonjour Name from the Responder interface and Paste it into the name field on the Initiator port and they should connect. Then you have to work through where you want that data routed to and from on both sides. The RTP connection is bidirectional.
    Good job.
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