iConfig is broken, Auracle is unfit for purpose

This is a complaint and a polite request for new software features. I’m running Ableton Live 11 on a refurbed MacBook Pro with macOS Monterey 12.7.3, and have specific audio routing requirements that I’m having a nightmare trying to achieve with the two software options available. Here are the problems:


  • My MacBook brings up a malware warning message when I click the .dmg file. I have to force it to start.
  • iConfig will not save in my applications folder, so I have to keep the ugly disc image on my desktop if I want to use it.
  • The Audio Mixer tab is broken - all of the tooltip graphics load in at a much larger resolution than they should be, so none of them are aligned with their boxes, and it’s impossible to see what each button does.
  • The Sub mix/bussing section of the mixer has headers abbreviated with dots, however they do not expand to explain what they are. I see “Analog: Line…” twice, with no way to tell which is which.


  • Oversimplified to a stifling degree. The “limitless audio connectivity” promised by the device is limited to 4 very basic options, none of which suit my specific needs.
  • The “Presets” tab is misleading. It only allows the saving and reloading of a single preset, and not several as suggested by the plurality.
  • Audio routing is completely absent. Even though iConfig is broken, I can see the options to choose whichever Ins and Outs I would need. There’s nothing like this in Auracle.


  • Input faders when set to zero do not drop the inputs to zero. I can’t drop them to zero on the unit itself either, so perhaps this is intended behaviour. It seems really strange though, that turning both physical and software faders to zero would still have the audio up between 30 and 40 dB from a guitar plugged in directly. This happens even on line level inputs 3 and 4.
  • No fader position feedback from device. This is very frustrating, and renders the fader values in either editor completely erroneous.
  • Delayed peak meter information. There is a several second lag between changing fader positions and the peak meters responding. This makes using peak meters as a visual aid to levelling very awkward.

I really want to like this unit. The hardware is sleek and robust, but when you have a unit that is very minimalist and therefore reliant on software for controls, then I would have thought it is very important to make sure that software is fit for purpose. Neither of these are.

Here’s a quote from the very unhelpful “Help” page:

“Auracle for X-Series supports a streamlined version of AUDIO4c and iConnectAUDIO4+ configuration. We understand that this isn’t 100% of everything that’s possible with our other tools, but we hope that this covers and centralizes all that’s key to your setup.”

So by “other tools”, I can assume they mean iConfig? Is there another tool for my unit that I don’t know about? I only ask because I just came across this answer by iConnectivity’s Rodney to a post about the ICM units:

“There won't be any new update to iConfig (sorry). All of our software development efforts are being put into Auracle right now. We are hoping to have MIDI filtering and remapping in there soon….  ….Auracle already has as much routing capability that iConfig has (it just looks a lot simpler).”

Although this is in regards to the MIDI units, it is demonstrably untrue for the Audio4+ (and presumably the Audio 4c too), that loses almost all of it’s audio flexibility on Auracle, and now I learn the broken iConfig is never going to be fixed! What’s most unnerving of all is that this post is almost six years old, and now in 2024, there are still no audio routing options in Auracle.

So my request is really simple: A mixer section for audio that works as iConfig did. Just a simple drop-down menu so I can route audio as I wish, and make the unit work as it was advertised.

Perhaps I have missed something obvious and all the options I need are hiding somewhere in Auracle. I certainly hope so, because if not, I’ll be selling the unit as soon as possible. Loved the idea, but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. I’m hoping for an optimistic reply!


  • iConfig is not supported by iConnectivity anymore, however can still work. I have it on 3 computer currently on Sonoma. 2 are Apple Silicon based (Mac Mini M2 Pro, Macbook Pro M2). In order to get the audio mixer graphics sorted I have to connect to a screen that will let me know downgrade to a lower resolution like 1080p. This bring back the graphics to working.
    For opening, you should still be able to do this. When you open the disk image, you'll see the icon for iConfig. Drag that icon into the applications folder. When you first open you'll have to go into privacy and security in system settings and allow/open anyways to get it to open nicely.

    Note: iConfig has been open sourced and place on Github. We had one wonderful forum user who recreated the iConfig and iConfig4AUDIO apps on iOS. He renamed them to reConfig and reConfig4AUDIO. These work for all devices that worked in iConfig and even recognizes the AUDIO4c, which was after iConfig was stopped because it's so similar to the AUDIO4+

    Auracle X
    Most audio configurations got borken down into the 4 MODEs you have access to. Within those modes you can handle most use cases. Please specific your use case to see if it's possible to make it work.
    The AUDIO4+/c only has a single on board memory so it can't save different presets on it. If you look at other devices like the mioXL or the PlayAUDIO1U you'll see multiple to save to as well as a backup and restore option.
    On the PlayAUDIO1U you will see updating to levels between the hardware and Auracle X but with other devices like the AUDIO4+/c you will not. You have to update on the hardware go out of the audio page and back in and it refreshes but not in realtime. 

    The extreme flexibility in software from iConfig was traded for a more simplistic set of routings after many months of researching and considering setups. Between the modes and mixing options, most needs are met, but there are some that will not be. I am one of the <5% users who could use the detailed but I honestly usually can get by using Auracle X for almost everything. Feel free to post your needs for your AUDIO4+/c maybe there is something that can be setup to work it. If you are trying to move 18 channels of audio from USB1 to USB2, that won't be possible anymore in auracle X but many options are.

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