iconnect audio4+ stuttering!

I've owned this unit for about 4 years with no issues. Today while I was working in my DAW (Logic Pro), the audio started stuttering, not constantly, maybe once every 30 seconds or so, a quick stutter. Also occurring with files played back through the Mac music app, as well as youtube videos. Looked at system resources, nothing problematic there. My Macbook Pro is a 2023 M2 model. Internal audio on the Macbook works fine and if I hook up a different audio interface, no stuttering. Has anyone encountered anything like this? Oh, one other thing, my iconnectaudio unit also processes audio in my Ipad pro and no playback stuttering.


  • Might be some weird clocking or the Mac not recognizing the device correctly.
    First thing I would look at is forcing the Mac to rescan the interface. Instructions below.
    - Disconnect the USB from the computer/AUDIO4c
    - Go to Audio MIDI Setup on your Mac
    - Open the MIDI Studio Window
    - Delete all instances of AUDIO4c or AUDIO4c loader
    - Restart your computer
    - Reconnect the USB from the interface to your computer.

    For the clock part you could try either our old iConfig software or a version of Auracle X before version 2.0 to change the clock source from internal to the USB port the Mac is connected to. This might straighten things out.
  • i looked at the back panel and saw that I had the Mac plugged into the iPad receptacle (2.1Amp) and the iPad plugged into the 1.0Amp. When I reversed the cables, the stuttering stopped. I really hadn't thought it would make any difference but apparently it does.
  • Having the correct power can greatly affect how your data is being received, or if it's being received. Glad you noticed that.
  • And I'm glad it was such a simple fix  :)
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