Send/Return Effects on Ch. 3/4 (stereo)

Hi, can you show me an example of how to run a stereo effects processor on I/O Ch. 3/4. Monitoring on Ch.1/2 and Ch.5/6 and recording in software on Ch. 1/2. Thank you!

I want to be able to send Ch.1/2 (mono) to the stereo effect...


  • deb, please check the blog post about using an iPad as a guitar effects processor. The principle is the same.

    I'm on an iPhone and can't get the link easily, but you'll find it.
  • I checked it out...I'm closer but I'm still not totaly clear...

    I basically want to send analog input 1 and 2 (mono) directly to analog output 3 and 4 (stereo). Then take Analog input 3 and 4 (stereo) into USB 1 (iPad) ch1 and ch2. Then Monitor USB 1(iPad) on analog out 1 and 2. Does that make sense?
  • Yes. Just use the audio patchbay. Route analog ins 1&2 to 3&4; 3&4 to USB 1 ins 1&2; and USB 1 outs to analog puts 1&2.

    You don't need to use the mixer. These are simple routings, because you have one source and destination for each pair.
  • Thanks Nick...The mixer is what was confusing me...
  • There's a blog post on wrapping your head around the mixer. It's worth figuring out, because it can be very useful.

    But you don't need it for what you want to do here.
  • One other question? I want Analog In 1 to go to Output 3 and 4 and analog in 2 to go to Output 3 and 4 too. but the patch bay does not let me. I want ch3 and 4 to act like stereo outs and input 1 and 2 to be 'centered'. thanks again...
  • Also easy, but then you do have to use the analog mixer, because stereo is actually a 2-channel mix.

    The red mixer's destination in the Sub Mix/Bussing section is Line outs 3 & 4, so click on it. See where it says U1:1|U1:2 in white, directly under SOURCES? Click on that and change the sources to Analog 1 and Analog 2 in the pop-up window.

    Analog ins 1&2 are paired by default, but you can click on the chain link icon underneath the channel strip if you want independent control of each one.
  • debdeb
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    1.) "The red mixer's destination in the Sub Mix/Bussing section is Line outs 3 & 4, so click on it" I don't see this...
    2.) Also, I can't seem to save any of my patchbay routings or switch the bitrate. I hit the 'save changes below' but it still asks me if I want to leave the window without saving. It then resets my patchbay to default routing, then when I try to edit I get 'connection loss'

    I'm using the iOS app...
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    Yah. The iOS app is beta, so please report the refusing to save issue in the beta forum. That may need looking at.

    Unfortunately the iOS beta seems to have disappeared from my iPad, but I do remember that the graphics in the iOS mixer are different now that you mention it.

    In any case, there are three sections of the audio mixer: Analog Inputs, the middle Sub Mix/Bussing section you want, and the Analog Outputs.

    Please go to fourth tab from the left in the Sub Mix/Bussing section even though it's not red. It should say something like Analog: Line outs 3&4. (The writing is cut off on the Mac version, but that's what it is.)

    I wish I could help you with the crashing iOS issue, but alas. To be honest, I'd recommend connecting the interface to a Mac or PC to set this up. Those versions of iConfig are very solid.
  • Okay, I got iConfig back on the iPad. Sorry, the audio mixer doesn't work the same way on the iOS version yet.

    You have to go the Audio Patchbay first. Assign Analog Ins 1&2 (from across the top - the sources) to Analog Mixer inputs 1&2 (on the righthand column, the destination).

    Then when you click on that fourth tab (labeled A: Li...ts 3/4 <- just like that), you'll see A:1|A:2 assigned to the first channel strip in the middle section.
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