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Is it possible to plug an iPad into the usb host port with the camera connection kit or the usb 3 lighting camera adapter?  I want to use lemur to control ableton on an iPad pro 10.5 inch plugged into a Play Audio 12.  It seems like most people use a midi 2+ or 4+ with the lighting cable.  Just not sure if that's necessary.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am excited to work this tech into our live tracks rig.  



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    Yes, that should work. I recommend the USB 3 kit since you can also power the iPad with that.
  • I only have iCM2+ and iCM4+, the USB 3 powered camera connection kit has worked fine with them!
  • Did this work?  I am currently trying to get TouchOSC on my iPad via the camera connection kit (and ironically enough a usb A to A cable) into the host port and it is not working.  I have core midi enabled, and the hst1 midi port routed to both usb101 and usb102 on the Iconnectivity config.
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    Yes, Rodney loved to say "that should work"... without testing if it did. For me also this does not work! The iPad connected to the HST1-port (with or without power via CCK) does not 'see' other devices ports (PC/iPad) that are connected to my iCA4+ from within midi-apps like Lemur or Midi Designer Pro. Maybe the new forum-moderator can help?
  • I'll help everyone out here a little.
    The original question was to connect the PA12 to an iPad using Lemur.
    You CAN do this you will need to use the USB3 CCK as mentioned above.
    You will connect this into the USB-B Device Jack NOT the USB-A host port.

    I have not tested trying to use the USB-A to USB-A but that standardly doesn't yield good results. Also I actually don't own a USB-A to USB-A cable so that's why I haven't tried it.

    2 ways to connect an iOS device for MIDI only to the PA12 would be:
    - Connect through RTPMIDI with another of our interfaces
    - Connect through the USB-A host port from the USB-B device Jack/DAW on another iConnect interface.
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