iConfig / Auracle mapping Midi channels to specific ports possible?


I'm trying to do what I thought would be a fairly simple mapping config. I have a master controller and I would like to split it's 16 midi channels between different hardware devices on different ports. 

Controller channel 1-4 -> Synth A 1-4
Controller channel 5-8 -> Synth B 1-4
Controller 9 - Synth C 1

I can map whole ports to whole ports (all 16 channels) 
I can filter out channels from ports (send only) 
I can remap channels on ports, but only within that port

I am using an Audio4+ if that matters. 

Does anyone have any ideas for achieve this without having to route it via a PC and filtering/mapping it there. I prefer to be able to work out the box unless I am recording. 


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