Sending MIDI from Ableton Live to iOS app,

Hi There. Running Ableton 11. Can't seem to successfully send MIDI from Ableton to my ipad. Will link a video, I think it's the best way to describe the problem. I didn't mention that My macbook pro and my ipad are both USB C devices, so I'm using hubs. I'm using this one for both connections, one to my ipad and the other to my computer. They have been very reliable for me so far, but not sure if they might have something to do with the issue:

My video is too large to post here, even after exporting at a lower quality. here's a link to the link google drive. anyone with the link can view.

thanks in advance


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    you are using
    Device Jack 1 = iPad = midi signal destination
    Device Jack 2 = mac with ableton = midi signal source
    So i assume you need to change your port routing in iConfig (target should not be USB Host Jack).
    My guess is to select "USB Device Jack 2 -> USB1" in the tree and activate "USB Device Jack 1 -> 3" in the main window.
    And in Ableton you should use iConnectAudio USB1 as target (instead of iConnectAudio HST3)
    And in your iOS app you should use iConnectAudio USB2 as source (instead of iConnectAudio HST3)
    In case it does not work you can try to route all tree items under USB Device Jack 2 (your signal source) to all possible targets under USB Device Jack 1 (your signal destination) and reduce (unroute) it one by one until there is only one left

  • Thank you,
    Your assumptions and guesses were all correct. Works now.
    I was messing around with the HSTs because I guess I didn't really understand what they were, I thought as long as the ends of the chain matched up, it would work haha. Sticking with the USB ports works. 

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