several mio / mio xc

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Hi; so I'm intererested in the midi interfaces;
just a few simple questions; can I use several mio/xc at the same time on the same computer?
Will it recognize them every time as two different interfaces with each the same port names I can use in my DAW?
Also; is there a difference between the mio and mio xc (appart from the usb-c port)?
lastly; can you do rtp-midi with a 100 Mbps connection or is it limited (or has more latency)?
I use midi interfaces in part to send streams of light data to dmx  or DC controllers; so I need reliability in the transmission; the highest bandwidth possible (with DIN midi); and low latency. also my last interface (edirol UM-3ex) became a brick after it lost support from modern OSes so class-compliant is a must. I'd be in the market for a 2/2 interface but sadly you don't have one; and the Mio XM while tempting is a bit overkill for my needs.


  • You can use multiple
    Naming will depend on if you are using Mac OS or Windows.
    On Mac OS you can rename the devices so they show differently.
    They will all show separately but on a mioXC it will say mioXC a bunch on your DAW if you don't rename in MIDI Studio on Mac.
    On the mioXM and XL you can rename the ports over the USB connection or name the sessions for the RTP connection.

    100Mbps is great for the ethernet connection on our interfaces. That's the speed of the ethernet jack on the back anyways.
    Loads of people use our mioXM for ethernet connection for long distances on very important shows and setups for MIDI to all kinds of things including lighting systems, mixing consoles, etc..

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