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  • I'll pose this question back at everyone in this thread to get some feedback on how this could be best implemented.  I've been thinking about this. Here's the biggest hurdle. - Our interfaces show 16 MIDI ports that are in and out on the computer. T…
  • @flonky I would connect both mioXL into a network switch and connect the computer as well. Then you can access all the ports separately on both from your computer. You can give each network sessions created a unique name to the hardware connected t…
  • I've never tried it, or known anyone who has BUT if it's an MPC line product and running the same firmware like in the MPC ONE/LIVE/FORCE/etc then it should work. You would connect the USB-B DAW port from the mio10 and connect into the USB-A ports o…
  • Note: The WIDI pieces always worked, it just was never updated.
  • People use WIDI pieces all the time in the DIN ports of the iConnectivity interface. I have not hear of it not working. We are not fans of anything wireless, especially in a live arena but understand it's use and it can work.
  • The PlayAUDIO12 is the option to go with for switching. The AUDIO4c doesnot have an option to remotely switch it. You would need to redo routing in our software on the fly, which is not great for a live setting.
  • nope. Saving and loading didn't work, that I ever seen in the past 6 yrs.
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  • By default you can send a program change over the USB DAW port to the mio XM or XL preset selector port and switch presets. Option #2 is a BETA software we have where you can turn any port into the Preset Selector and use program changes or CCs to c…
  • This is not directly possible in the mioXM. We can take data from one channel and push it to another but we cannot replicate that data over multiple channels.
  • We do not have any estimated time for Auracle X going to iOS. in the appstore you should be able to find reConfig and reConfig for AUDIO, which was made by a user from our open sources iConfig code.
  • You save by going into Presets page and saving to a preset or to all presets
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  • You are saying this video didn't help? Where did you get lost with it?
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  • That is super odd. Where are you running the MIDI monitor from? - I would connect a compute to the USB DAW on the mioXM and run the RTP going to the Montage to go to a port on the USB DAW to check it. Are you seeing an LED movement during that spot …
  • Sorry I haven't seen this until now. I would've guessed before your last comment that it might be something with the Mac OS version. Even if the interface has an issue Audio/MIDI setup does not crash very often. Any time I've seen a full failure of …
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  • You could power an AUDIO2+ (which can be bus powered) and an iPad connected at the same time. You would need to make sure you have a good enough power supply to power both.
  • @Randall You can currently change presets by sending a program change to the Preset selector port on the USB DAW connection. We have a BETA software where you can change where the Preset Selector port is and you can you a PC or CC to get the preset…
  • This would depend on the controller mostly. If you had a user template with a launchpad you could have a constant bit of MIDI data going to the contorller for LED feedback. Program the controller for a green color. Do the same on the second computer…
  • It means it got released and we found a bug immediately and fixed it and it should have a replacement as of today. Sorry about that.
  • All our commands and information like that is on our manuals section of our site.
  • We post all our SysEx commands and information on our website if you are interested in messing about with options. We just had a forum user take our old iConfig software, which we posted open source and recreate it to work on iOS again. 
  • It depends on what you are trying to do? Are you looking to add inputs and use the PA12 as outputs for a system? 1 computer or 2 being used for both? Connecting MIDI between the two interfaces? Trying to add more outputs to the current AUDIO4c 6 out…
  • It's not a normal USB hub. It's a MIDI connector that has 2 guidelines. - controllers MUST be USB class compliant - Will only pass SysEx/MIDI data
  • DIN sync and MIDI clock is a different thing. the mio X Series interface do not do DIN sync but will pass MIDI clock anywhere and everywhere. The distribution should be perfectly fine. There are a lot of people who use ERM multiclock with the mio10 …
  • I would route the HST6 to go to all those ports and the channel will pass straight through to all of them but only the port that has the matching channel will be working. ex. HST6, when put on ch.3 would go to DIN8 and DIN9 BUT on DIN9 will do anyth…
  • We have the larger mioXL with 8 DIN in and 12 DIN out. We also like the USB connections as that is how most newer controllers and synths are connected. Some keyboards don't even have DIN connections anymore.
  • You should be able to use the mio4 for that setup and run USB from the mio4 into the computer directly. 
  • That video is good. IT really depends on where the issue is happening. Send a video so we can see it
  • Are you getting standard note data and such in and out from the Kronos to the computer? - Would like to know the connection is established correctly. My guess is a possible buffering issue of sending over RTP to the USB host.  Can you try sending it…
  • We've thought of that. What specific part of the wizard did you like for the original Auracle. 1.41? Audio setup? MIDI host device setup? RTP Setup?
  • Both the mio10 and mioXL can be connect by either or both the USB DAW or RTP connections. Whichever connection appears to Auracle X first gets the connection type status.  If you don't like the RTP showing on that one you will likely get it showing …