I was excited to get this device as I have a lot of USB synths, as well as MIDI DIN equipment. I wanted to replace my MIDI interface and USB hubs with the mio XL, and just use the network connection to run all my gear. The configuration is easy and straightforward, and had the network and DIN working in no time. Bt connecting USB devices was a nightmare!!! Some devices would connect when I plugged them in (sometimes), some would not connect at all. Some sort of connected but did not pass MIDI. While trying to connect devices (ie plugging in another USB cable) it sometimes dropped all USB port connections I HAD managed to acquire. I could not get them back without powering everything down and starting again from scratch. After doing this several times (and after having returned the first unit hoping the second would be better),I finally gave up. The idea of having to massage the USB Host connections every time i used it was not acceptable, and I never managed to connect even half of my usb synths. I dont see any reviews here that are using the USB ports extensively. Dont even try!! All my devices worked .perfectly, as always, when I plugged their respective USB cables back in to the hubs where I had them originally. It also appeared that the RTP connection, although easy to setup, was a bit flaky when configuring. Sometimes it would "connect to computer" and sometimes not. It seemed to work better when I set up the Network MIDI on the OSX end of things rather than in Auracle. My dream of one central MIDI interface for all my synths, DIN and USB, is over. It's going back tomorrow. I have been working extensively with MIDI and digital audio for 30 years. I do know what I am doing. But there is only so much you can do when you are plugging in a USB cable to a device and it doesn't do what is is supposed to!


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